The way to innovate
Biomaterials, implants, hip prostheses
With a multidisciplinary team and a large portfolio products,
the company has the technical and human resources necessary
for the development of innovative products.
High technology
Located in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region
in the Grand Lyon,
our products are designed and made in France.


RHODYS international

Our company is frequently present in the main international conferences



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Orthopaedics and Traumatology

We design
Close to the market and to the practical reality of the users, our team develops and adapts our products in adequacy with the market.
We manufacture
The high-technology equipment’s used during the manufacturing and the extremely rigorous control procedures are the indispensable guarantees of the excellence quality of the forge in the various coatings of our implantable prostheses.
We sell our own products in France and all around the world.
Our company is frequently present in the main international conferences.

Rhodys : high level of requirement

High technology

RHODYS is situated in the confluence of the high technologies. Our qualified personnel and our equipment’s make us completely autonomous in the complex manufacturing of ancillary today.


lt is a high level of requirement of quality and of technicality which makes of RHODYS a company listening his users and attentive to the comfort of the patients.


All our products benefit from the CE marking.